QuadFest 2015

In September again musicfriends from all over Europe will meet in the German highlands (Eifel).
On the 19th and 20th of September the next QuadFest will take place at QUAD Musikwiedergabe in Gering. Visitors can listen to the classical Quad electrostatics, driven by the electronic they also produce at QUAD Musikwiedergabe. As they did with the electrostatics QUAD Musikwiedergabe remembered an old concept of a tube amplifier as a perfect solution to drive both the electrostatics and the Jecklin FLOAT headphones. Vinyl lovers can expect a good collection of perfect restored Garrard turntables, demonstrated by Martina Schoener, Just in case your living room is not prepared to give a home for a pair of Quad`s, you should consider the Jecklin FLOAT QA electrostatic headphones. FLOAT QA mean small electrostatics close to your ears without any cons headphones normally have. Enjoy your day in the German highlands, listening how natural the electrostatics sing for you or watch Mr. Jürg Jecklin when he lectures about concerthalls. And they do have experts around, ready to answer your questions regarding room acoustic. Learn about easy ways to better the acoustic of your living room. Feel free to deliver us a drawing of your room, when you visit the QuadFest.

Program each day:

A call or an email in advance would help us to prepare the QuadFest. In case you want to take the opportunity to stay a few days here in the Eifel, we are happy to help you with accomodation.